2019 Global Talent Competitiveness Index


Entrepreneurial Talent and Global Competitiveness

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) continues to gain visibility around the world, and today has firmly established itself as a global benchmark for issues related to talent competitiveness and the future of work.

Now in its sixth year, this 2019 edition of the GTCI addresses the topic of Entrepreneurial Talent and Global Competitiveness and attempts to identify the ways in which large and small firms, nations, and cities can foster entrepreneurial talent in the era of digital transformation.

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Global Talent Competitiveness Index

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Growing, Attracting and Retaining Talents within Countries and Cities

Talent issues have become a mainstream concern for firms, nations, and cities.

Talent performance is now clearly seen as key to growth, job creation, and innovation. New approaches are emerging to stimulate entrepreneurial talent. Such approaches include radically different management systems, some of which have not originated in countries with the highest GTCI rankings. Cities will play increasingly central roles as entrepreneurial talent hubs with innovative talent strategies.

Such strategies affect all aspects of talent competitiveness, including education, skilling, and re-skilling, attracting external talents and fostering co-creation with local ones, as well as encouraging imported or returning talent to stay and contribute to long-term local objectives. For 2019, the report covers 125 countries and 114 global cities, looking at overall rankings and comparisons and the specific rankings of each.


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