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Driving an inclusive culture is everyone’s responsibility: Dell’s Many Advocating for Real Change programme

Stephane Reboud, VP EMEA Global Services Dell EMC

By Stephane Reboud, VP EMEA Global Services Dell EMC

Dell Technologies is a massive organization of over 140,000 team members active in more than 180 countries globally including 70 countries spanning over Europe Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) region. As such we operate in an incredible multi-cultural working environment where diversity and inclusion (D&I) truly resonate.  Within our company, D&I is a business imperative that delivers business and social value that is as important to Dell’s market leadership as its technology strategy and execution.  It’s a powerful strategy that ensures Dell is a place where our team members feel they belong and our customers feel they belong with us. It’s how we grow our business.

When it comes to me, as a brother and father of 3 sisters and 3 daughters, I realized  early on that I have to play a role to help build a world where my girls can have as many opportunities as men in a safe and respectful environment. Hence, my active engagement with MARC – Many Advocating Real Change. Dell was the first IT company to participate in this Catalyst program four years ago, which engages leaders in candid conversations about the role of gender and diversity in the workplace as well as topics such as unconscious bias.

Launched by a group of four leaders, we have now on-boarded 150 ambassadors across most of our EMEA countries and 50% of our people managers have been trained through a dedicated 3-hour session. It has been an incredible journey where we have seen more and more leaders volunteering to join the discussion and then cascading the message to their teams.

The MARC initiative consists in opening very direct conversations by challenging beliefs and status-quo in the workspace on topics like bias, privileges and behaviors. Examples come from daily life and voluntarily expand discussion beyond gender discussion to any form of diversity: age, culture, sexual-orientation, origin, abilities and many others.

MARC embarks team members into a very personal journey where we know and respect that everyone reacts and evolves at own pace with individual awakening moments.

Today, we are glad to see that certain practices take the MARC training into consideration; for instance our entire EMEA recruitment team has been MARC-trained as part of our ongoing commitment to build a fully diverse workforce. Our key EMEA business leaders are engaged and walk the walk  by creating an open work environment where everybody can interact and contribute, feeling safe and respected.

Our D&I strategy is a catalyst for change, helping identify and eliminate bias wherever it exists in our business, and MARC is a key part of achieving that.

As I am well aware that no needle can be moved without collaboration, I’d be glad to share more of our learning and answer any question regarding our MARC experience. For the same reason, I invite you to visit the GTCI HUB and get more insights on the inclusion dilemmas, successes, inspirations and best practices, from a host of talent management experts, business and institutional leaders from all over the world.

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