2020 Global Talent Competitiveness Index



Diversity & Inclusion: Laura Liswood and the ‘Noah’s Ark paradox’

Laura Liswood, Council of Women World Leaders Secretary General and author of ‘The Loudest Duck, Moving Beyond Diversity’, engages in an enticing dissertation on how to tackle the diversity and inclusion challenges within our organizations.

Fight for what you love

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, we feature three of our leading women from Japan, China and Poland as they share their own challenges, inspirations and achievements as part of the global journey towards equal treatment and opportunity for all at work.

Inclusion as a source of competitive advantage

An inclusive environment is a key driver for people engagement and will enhance the performance of organizations in the long term. Shanthi Flynn, the Adecco Group Chief Human Resources Office believes that, “in the fast changing, hyperconnected economy we operate in, organizations cannot be truly competitive if inclusion is not wired into their DNA.”

Improving diversity and inclusion through athlete integration

Diversity of thought and the freedom to be your authentic self bring out the best in people and in teams – hence they should be encouraged.

Building a winning team through diversity

The perfect team is built through a holistic approach leveraging the key traits of all team members to capitalize on the strengths and compensate the weaknesses. By integrating athletes within the workplace, organizations gain key skills like drive, goal orientation, team spirit, while also increasing diversity.

The power of empathy: Pablo Pineda on inclusion and creating a new business culture

Pablo Pineda works with the Adecco Foundation in Spain as a labour integration coach, with the goal of helping employers and other decision-makers to build a more inclusive and innovative work environment and society at large.